Zoning Ordinance Rewrite

The City of Milton is beginning the process of preparing a new Zoning Ordinance and Map. The purposes of this project are to modernize zoning regulations, streamline zoning processes, encourage reinvestment, and implement the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The process to complete the new Zoning Ordinance and Map will take about 12 months, finishing in the summer of 2024. Public input is encouraged throughout so the Zoning Ordinance reflects community wishes. This webpage provides periodic progress updates and draft components of the Zoning Ordinance and Map.

For more information on the process, see the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact Public Works Director Mark Langer.

Plan Commission Meeting & Review - January 16, 2024 

The Plan Commission meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 16, 2024 at 4:00 p.m., will include an update on the process presented by Vandewalle & Associates, Inc.  The meeting will include a review of the outline of the new code, the zoning district translation table, bulk dimension and land use recommendations, and examples of the types of development present in each type of zoning district.  The public is invited to provide feedback about the proposed code by contacting City Hall or emailing to City Administrator, Paul Hensch at phensch@milton-wi.gov.   The documents below provide details on the proposed changes. 

Plan Commission Meeting Resources

Key Worksheet Input

At the Public Workshop hosted on July 26, the City's Consultant, Vandewalle & Associates, Inc discussed with attendees the key components that will be reviewed as part of the project and provided interactive exercises.  The public was invited to review the Vandewalle Presentation and then fill out the  Key Issues Worksheet to provide input on the process.  Worksheets were received Friday, August 18, 2023 and shared with Vandewalle & Associates, Inc.