Lead Service Line (LSL) Program


At this time there is no federal, state, or local government mandate that all homeowners replace their private lead or galvanized steel service lines. If or when that will happen is not yet clear. In anticipation of this, Milton applied for and received a grant to help customers replace their lead services. At this time, we are gathering data to determine customers who have a lead or galvanized steel service.

Lead service lines (LSL) were typically installed before 1950. Lead pipes are dull gray in color and are soft enough to be easily scratched with a house key or a coin. A magnet will not stick to lead pipe. 

Water LSL Photoservice lines consist of two components. The public service line between the water main in the street and the curb shut off in your yard and the private service line between the curb shut off in your yard and your home. This grant provides funding for 100 percent of the cost of the private replacement and will be awarded to eligible properties on a first come, first served basis. 

 Currently, the funding is only available to residential properties owned by an individual(s) (not a business or non-profit entity). This could be the only opportunity our customers have for funding assistance. At this time other customers are not eligible for the program; however, they are still encouraged to investigate their service line material and replace their LSL. 

No future funds have been guaranteed by the state or federal government. We strongly suggest customers sign up to participate in the program so that they are not responsible for 100% of the replacement costs if a replacement becomes mandatory. 

Milton continues to stay diligent in its efforts to provide the highest quality water possible. Although we have no lead violations, Milton strongly encourages our customers to remove lead piping from your property.

What to do next?

Contact the City of Milton Water Utility at (608) 868-6900 ext. 1 to let us know if you have a lead service or if you would like assistance in determining whether you have a lead service line.  You can also complete the LSL Program Customer Interest Form on the website. Customers can schedule an appointment online to have a Water Operator inspect their line.   

If it is determined that you have a LSL and are an eligible customer, application materials will be provided to you. Customers who decide not to participate in the lead replacement program, might ultimately be responsible for the replacement costs if replacement becomes mandatory. Let us help you make this transition easier!