Organization & Funding Discussions

On July 15 and July 30, the Joint Fire Commission for the Milton-Milton Township Fire Department heard presentations from Fire Chief Ernie Rhodes and City of Milton Finance Director / Treasurer Dan Nelson about organization and funding options for the fire department.  Two scenarios were presented: Consolidation with Janesville or a Standalone Department.  

At the Council meeting on August 18, staff summarized the presentations that were given to the Joint Fire Commission.  They also answered questions regarding the two scenarios and how those pertain specifically to the City.

At the joint meeting of the City of Milton Common Council and Town of Milton Board on August 19, the two governing bodies discussed the two scenarios that were presented to the Joint Fire Commission.  At the meeting, the direction was to continue exploration of consolidation with the City of Janesville.

Discussions on funding and operations of the department continued at the Joint Fire Commission meetings on September 3 and September 24.


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