2020-2024 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The 2020-2024 Strategic Plan was approved by the Common Council on October 20, 2020 and is available on the website.  A brochure about the plan is also available on the City's website.  A summary is below.


The City of Milton provides quality services to meet the needs of all community members and to cultivate a safe, diverse, and inclusive city in which people are proud to live.


The City of Milton, a community for all ages, is adaptive and innovative and aims to:

  • Develop a resilient tax base through residential growth, small business attraction and retention, and industry expansion all with smart growth in mind.
  • Recruit and retain employees with a commitment to the community and organization who strive for operational excellence.
  • Provide a desirable standard of living for community members through quality and affordable services, recreational and life-long learning opportunities, and superior public safety services.
  • Practice sound financial management to maintain a low debt level.
  • Earn the community’s trust through engagement, transparency, and communication.
  • Encourage courageous leadership at all levels of the organization.


  • Integrity – We practice the highest levels of integrity by being fair and consistent in decisions we make. We are honest and transparent when we ask questions of each other or when the community asks questions of us in order to build trust at all levels.
  • Professionalism – We exhibit top-level professionalism by being responsive and respectful to all community members and continually utilizing best practices in all aspects of our positions. We consistently go above and beyond to provide knowledge, resources, and services to community members. We practice safe behaviors on the job and provide skilled services to keep our community members safe.
  • Inclusive – We are inclusive and accepting of ideas from all of our community members, staff, and elected officials. We encourage dialogue to explore new ways to ensure people of diverse backgrounds feel welcome, included, and valued in our community.
  • Fiscally Responsible – We are fiscally responsible to ensure the City of Milton is in the best financial position for the future of the community.
  • Creative – We are creative in our approaches to new and existing problems. We will pivot and innovate in order to adjust to our new realities and to continue to provide quality services to all of our community members.


Goal 1 - Affordability & Financial StabilityAffordability & Financial Stability

Improve the affordability of living in Milton while making informed short-term and long-term decisions to maintain the financial stability of the City of Milton.

safe, inclusive, welcoming communitySafe, Inclusive, Welcoming Community

Enhance our reputation of being a safe community while improving our efforts to be inclusive and welcoming to all community members.

diverse opportunities for fun and life-long learningDiverse Opportunities for Fun & Life-Long Learning

Continuously improve facilities and opportunities for recreation and life-long learning based on the needs and interests of our community members.

High performing organization with professional staffHigh Performing Organization with Professional Staff

Increase recruitment and retention efforts to ensure a professional workforce to provide high quality services to all community members.

Environment for Business Success with thoughtful growth and developmentEnvironment for Business Success with Thoughtful Growth & Development

Maintain economic development efforts in current and future business parks and increase small business retention strategies while creating an environment where businesses can be successful.