Pavement Improvement Program

In 2016, the City of Milton approved the creation of the local vehicle registration fee, commonly referred to as the “wheel tax,” to allow additional financial capacity for road improvements. The funds collected through the wheel tax are placed into a segregated fund that can only be used for maintenance of existing roads.

The City established a Pavement Improvement Program where staff evaluates the road conditions and availability of funds on an annual basis to determine which roads will be improved in the current year. In order to communicate to the public how these funds are being used, this webpage was created and will be updated as projects are scheduled and / or completed.


  • November 29, 2016 - Local Vehicle Registration Fee approved by the Council at $30 per vehicle.
  • April 2017 - City began collecting Local Vehicle Registration Fee.



  • Pavement rehabilitation, curb and gutter repairs, and sidewalk installation was completed on Woodcrest Lane and Chapel Drive which is approximately 0.4 lane miles or 0.6% of total road miles in the City of Milton in 2022.
  • New sidewalk added along Janesville Street in South Goodrich Park and along Milton East Elementary School.
  • The Public Works Department has also been completing pothole patching, water main break repairs, and miscellaneous concrete improvements (sidewalks, curb and gutter, etc.).
  • Cost: Approximately $365,000


  • Pavement maintenance was performed on 1.8 miles of roads, or about 5.3% of total road miles in the City of Milton, in 2021.
  • Pavement replacement with curb and gutter repairs and sidewalk installation along Blanche Drive from Parkview to Brown and Cottonwood Lane from Rainbow to Skyview.
  • Sidewalk installation along Orchard Row in Veterans Park.
  • Intersection Repair at Maple Lane and Skyview Drive.
  • Chip Sealing along E. High Street from N. Janesville Street to east City Limits and Merchant Row from Vernal Avenue to Madison Avenue.
  • Pavement rejuvenator and sealer on Neumann Court from St. Mary Street to end and Capman Street from Elm Street to Vincent Street.
  • Cost: Approximately $251,000. 


Streets scheduled for maintenance this year are as follows:

  • Pavement maintenance was performed on 4.1 miles of roads, or about 12.5% of total road miles in the City of Milton, in 2020.
  • Street Rehabilitation: Elizabeth Street
  • Chip Seal:Parkview Drive (Madison Avenue to Townline Road), Homestead Road (Green Hill Circle to cul-de-sac), Green Hill Circle (Homestead Road to Larch Lane), Garden Lane (Green Hill Drive to end of street), Wallace Way (Green Hill Drive to cul-de-sac), Rainbow Drive (High Street to pavement change), Evergreen Lane (End to end excluding the Hilltop Drive intersection), Agnew Drive (Romar Drive to end), and Dickhoff Drive (Romar Drive to end).
  • Routing of Cracks and Joint and Crack Sealing:Parkview Drive Parking Lot, Putman Parkway (CTH M to end beyond rail), Merchant Row (Vernal Avenue to pavement change), all Merchant Row Parking Lots, Crossridge Park / YMCA Parking Lot on Parkview Drive, Chicago Street (Janesville Street to High Street), Neumann Court (St. Mary Street to cul-de-sac), Capman Street (Elm Street to Vincent Street), 4th Lane (Vernal Avenue to Madison Avenue), and 2nd Lane (Vernal Avenue to Madison Avenue).
  • Other Projects: Pavement added to shoulder of N. Janesville Street and replaced concrete portions of Madison Avenue and Janesville Street.
  • Cost: $440,139 (includes approximately $150,267 from Local Vehicle Registration Fee, which will be confirmed in January 2021)


  • Pavement maintenance was performed on 5.25 miles of roads, or about 16% of the total road miles in the City of Milton, in 2019.
  • Streets completed: Front Street, Windsor Court, Storrs Lake Road (from Janesville Street to the City Limits), Rogers Street (from High Street to St. Mary Street), Plumb Street (from High Street to Madison Avenue), Greenhill Drive (from High Street to Larch Lane), Buten Street (entire roadway), Morgan Street (entire roadway), W. Madison Avenue (from Clear Lake Avenue to the City Limits), S. John Paul Road (from High Street to Madison Avenue), and North Street (entire roadway).
  • Additional pavement improvements completed: Public Works Facility driveway and parking lot, Wastewater Treatment Plant parking lot, Milton Cemetery road, Crossridge Park paved trail, Milton Public Library north and south parking lots, and City Hall / Police Station parking lot.
  • Cost: $428,431 (includes $148,402 from Local Vehicle Registration Fee)


  • Streets completed: Capman Street, Community House Parking Lot, Front Street Alley resurfacing, N. Goodrich Park Parking Lot, and Northside Drive. 
  • Cost: $244,376 (includes $143,330 from Local Vehicle Registration Fee)


  • Streets completed: 2nd Lane, Arthur Drive, Bowers Lake Road, Columbus Street, and Merchant Row
  • Cost: $392,037 (includes $109,638 from Local Vehicle Registration Fee)