Outside Water Meters

General Information

Outside water meters are available at City Hall to be rented for outdoor purposes.  This includes establishing a new lawn, filling a pool, or watering your garden.   A minimum of 2,000 gallons per month must be used to make it cost effective to use.

Water used outdoors is not discharged into the wastewater system.  Therefore, residents can rent outside water meters to track their outdoor usage and receive a sewer use credit.

The meter is hooked up to an outdoor water spigot and the water used is tracked by the meter as the water flows through it.  The wastewater use credit is calculated and applied to the current utility bill after the meter is returned to City Hall.  No adjustments will be made to the bill until the meter is returned.


The cost is as follows:

  • $12 rental fee per month
  • $84 security deposit

The full $96 is due at the time of the rental of the meter.  If the meter is kept for more than one month, the additional rental fees are taken from the security deposit.  As long as the meter is returned in good working order, the remaining security deposit is credited to the water account.

If the meter is damaged in any way, including leaving it out in freezing conditions, the security deposit will be forfeited.  Additional costs may  be incurred by the user as a charge on the water bill to cover the cost of purchasing a new meter. 


water meterDisconnect the water meter’s hose from the starred end and connect it to the water spigot on the home. Then connect your hose to the starred end of the meter. The water should always flow in the direction of the arrow (circled) to ensure an accurate reading.