Paying Fines

Fines / Forfeitures
If a forfeiture is imposed, the clerk will mail you a Judgment Notice showing the citation number, the amount owed, the due date, and the payment address.

The Municipal Court judge always provides at least 60 days to pay fines. The judge may grant additional time to pay under extenuating circumstances.

Paying a Ticket Without Coming to Court
Just because you received a ticket does not mean you must come to court. Unless the ticket shows "mandatory appearance," you have the option to pay it on or before the court date shown on the ticket.

If you do so, your payment will be entered as a plea of no contest and you will be convicted of the law violation shown on the ticket.

Paying On Time
It is very important that payment is made by the due date. Failure to pay can result in significant consequences including, but not necessarily limited to, suspension of a driver's license for up to one year and/or referral to the Department of Revenue - Tax Refund Interception Program (TRIP) and State Debt Collection.

If you are demonstrably unable to pay your forfeiture in full prior to the due date, you can contact the Municipal Court clerk to obtain a court date to request an Indigency Hearing.