Court Trial Information

Elements of the Court

This section includes general information about different entities within the court system you may encounter when issued a citation or dealing with pending charges.


The Municipal Court judge cannot speak to either party (the city or the defendant) about the merits of a pending matter unless the other party is present. Written communications to the court must be copied to the opposing party.


Milton Municipal Court only handles municipal ordinance violations. Ordinance violations are not criminal offenses; therefore, the court will not provide you with a lawyer.

Police Department

The police department is not the municipal court and police personnel have no control over the municipal court's processing of matters. Court questions and correspondence should be directed to the Municipal Court clerk and not to the police department.

Initial Appearances

The Initial Appearance is the date shown on the face of the citation. If you have not paid your ticket on or before the initial appearance date you have 60 additional days to pay. Failure to appear may result, among other consequences, in a default conviction being entered against you. If you wish to contest your citation, you must appear for the initial appearance.

Procedural Guidance Versus Legal Advice

The court will try to provide procedural guidance on request; however, neither the Municipal Court judge nor the Municipal Court clerk will give legal advice to anyone. The Municipal Court clerk cannot do so because she is not a lawyer. The judge will not do so because she is neutral.