Brush Collection

The Department of Public Works collects brush at the curb throughout each calendar year. In 2022, the dates are as follows:
  • April 4-11
  • May 2-9
  • June 6-13
  • July 5-11
  • August 1-8
  • September 6-12
  • October 3-10
  • November 7-14
Christmas trees will be collected at the curb January 1-31.

The following rules apply for curbside collection of brush:
  • Brush can have a diameter of no larger than 6 inches.
  • Brush should be placed butt-end toward the street in the terrace right-of-way going with the flow of traffic in neat, organized piles.
  • Roots must be removed
  • Brush shall not be placed in the street or curb area.
  • City ordinances require that all trees and brush be trimmed to a height of 8 feet above sidewalks and 15 feet above streets.
  • Please do NOT place tall weeds/flowers or other yard waste with the brush.
The City offers wood chips from our brush collections to community members within the Milton School District who request them. You can request yours by contacting the Public Works Department at (608) 868-6914 or by completing a form online.