Small Business Development Loan Program

The City of Milton developed the Small Business Development Loan Program with the assistance of two local banks, the Bank of Milton and First Community Bank. 

Eligible Activities Include (but not limited to):

  1. Land and/or building acquisition
  2. Professional design/architectural services
  3. Interior and/or exterior renovations
  4. Structural repairs
  5. Building expansions
  6. Construction of a new facility
  7. Improvements necessary to bring the property into code compliance
  8. Other activities deemed appropriate designated by the Common Council of the City of Milton
Non-Eligible Activities Include (but not limited to):
  1. Removal without replacement of architecturally significant features and design elements.
  2. Purchase of inventory or other goods to be sold by the business.
  3. Any roof repair or replacements, except in cases where a new roof “style” is a critical component of the façade restoration or replacement project.
  4. Compensation for time and labor spent by applicant or members of applicant’s immediate       family. (Note that one needn’t be the building owner to apply.)
  5. Other activities as designated by the Common Council/City of Milton.

Additional Information and Application

Additional information about the program and the application are available online by following the links below or at City Hall, 710 S. Janesville Street.